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Reading the Entire Bible?!

It was New Year’s Eve, 2017. I lay on the couch, my iPad screen reflected off my eyes while my ears were tuned into the Channel 9 live. Mum had recently introduced me to the BibleProject. I was on their website and came across their Read Scripture app. The plan spread out the entire Bible in a year, I was inspired. I had no resolutions, yet. This was a last-minute decision. At around 11:30, I did the first reading. Genesis 1-3. I was going to read the whole Bible.

I gave up somewhere in Chronicles, I think. I thought it was unrealistic. Too hard and unnecessary. What does a teenager like me need to be doing trying to read through the whole Bible? Half the time my eyes were glazing over the words anyway. Surely God didn’t need me to read all of it.

A few months later, I picked up where I left off. It was Semester 2 and I started a new religion class in which I was asked many tough questions I’d never thought about before. Like, why do I believe in creation? And does sin matter? I went back to my plan and pushed through the rest of the year because God was exposing me to the type of questions I needed to be able to understand and articulate – knowing the scriptures was the first step.

Finishing Revelation 22 was extremely satisfying. And I think it should be a goal for all Christians to read the whole Bible, whether in one year or five. You can get so much out of it.

Know your way around

Navigating the Bible is a lot easier once you’ve read the whole thing. Whether it’s a certain topic, story, or idea that you’re looking for, you’ll know what area to look in, even if you can’t locate the exact verse. 

See the big picture

The mission of BibleProject is “helping the world see the Bible as one unified story that leads to Jesus”. I saw this as I was reading. There are so many symbols, motifs and ideas that relate to Jesus’ divine and human nature and point to the cross. I like to think of Jesus as the main character.

Learn more about God 

I can’t see the logic in trying to be close to God without the Bible. God has chosen to speak to us through his word, and so even if it’s hard at times, we must listen and learn from God through his word. David makes this clear in Psalm 19.

7The law of the Lord is perfect,

refreshing the soul.

The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy,

making wise the simple.

8The precepts of the Lord are right,

giving joy to the heart.

The commands of the Lord are radiant,

giving light to the eyes.

9The fear of the Lord is pure,

enduring forever.

The decrees of the Lord are firm,

and all of them are righteous.

These truths should motivate us to read so that we gain wisdom, insight and righteousness in knowing God’s word.

I’m not trying to flex here. Reading through the Bible wasn’t glamorous, but worth it. TBP Read Scripture plan worked for me, though I wish I’d used an easier translation like NLT, as they used ESV. Whatever works for you. There are many plans out there, so I encourage you, as slow or fast as you want, to go through the whole thing! You won’t regret it!

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