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How to get out of a Spiritual Slump

Spoiler alert from Brooklyn Nine-Nine in this post!

In an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Detective Jake Peralta enters a slump. With a stack of unsolved cases, he was frustrated as he’s one of the best in the squad.

This episode helped me define what I call a spiritual slump. You know, when God seems far away. You stop praying and reading your Bible. Maybe you haven’t gone to church in ages. Once you realise what’s happening, you don’t know how to get close to God again.

When you realise you’re in a slump, don’t beat yourself up because you got there – it happens to the best of us. Instead, try these four things to get back on track with God.

  1. Recommit Yourself Through Prayer

    “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” – Psalms 51:10

    This is the hardest part, no doubt, but it’s got to be done. We need to prioritise God in our hearts over all the distractions that caused us to slump. Dietrich Bonhoeffer puts it this way, “When men pray, they have ceased to know themselves, and only know God whom they call upon.” (The Cost of Discipleship).
  2. Reread the Gospel

    I can’t stress how important it is to read God’s Word when getting back on track in your faith. For some real assurance of your faith, your purpose and your values in life, go to the Gospels. Marvel over Jesus’ death, resurrection, and the love of God. Don’t reserve these truths for Christmas and Easter, but let the wonder of God’s rescue plan for us consume your heart.
  3. Remember the Power of the Holy Spirit

    We often forget that lives in us, revealing the truth (John 14:17). It’s not from our strength that we resist the slump but through the Holy Spirit. When we’re saved, we receive him and he’ll never leave – so don’t forget about him!
  4. Remove Distractions

    Though we have strength through the Spirit, we need to take action and limit the things that caused us to slump in the first place. Knowing your triggers and being intentional is key to breaking through the slump to avoid a sinful habit.

    Unfortunately, a lucky rabbit’s foot won’t get us out of a spiritual slump like it did for Peralta. Slumps can last a while if you’re not careful and can turn into sinful habits. The more aware you are of your triggers, the fewer slumps you’ll have.

    By recommitting ourselves to the Lord, rereading the gospel, remembering the Holy Spirit, and removing distractions, we can focus on God and all that truly matters in life. Nothing can stop God from loving us (Romans 8:39), so don’t let a silly slump get in the way of your love for him.

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