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Wisdom is a Lifestyle

There are two ladies I’d like you to meet. They’re introduced in Proverbs 9 (sound familiar?) and they have an offer for you. 

One is called Lady Wisdom. She knows how to make good choices. Morals are her focus, and she displays a fear of the Lord. She has truth and teachings for all to seek and learn from.

The other lady is Folly. She’s ignorant and immoral. She only seeks after pleasures and has no stability in her life. She will lie, cheat and steal to get her way – unless it’s too much work, of course.

Proverbs 9 is like an entry path into the rest of the book. It tells us to either follow Lady Wisdom or Folly. I think it goes without saying we should tag along with Lady Wisdom. Here’s what they each had in their invitations.

Lady Wisdom’s InviteFolly’s Invite
For all who are simple v.4 
Has a seven pillar house v.1
Prepared a banquet of
wine and meat v.5
Guests will walk in
insight v.6
For all who are simple v.16
Calling out on her doorstep v.14
Serving ‘stolen water’ and ‘secret food’ v.17
Guests will wind up dead vv.18

The personification of wisdom and folly helps us to understand how these concepts work in our lives. A life of wisdom involves seeking after the truth and all that is good. It requires a fear of the Lord so that he may show you what is wise.

I hope the misconception of wisdom and knowledge is clearer now. Before you say someone is wise, look at their life – are they really?

And look at yourself too. We know how to live right, but it’s no use until we actually do. However, it’s not easy. So, with God on your side, strive to live wisely, so that “your days will be many, and years will be added to your life” (v.12).

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