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Just Say Yes

We all want God to use us. Well, that’s what we think anyway.

How many times have you been relieved that someone else’s calling wasn’t yours? I think sometimes we are secretly thankful that God hasn’t called us just yet. It gives us an excuse to stay the same. It gives us more time to keep living how we’ve always done.

However, God’s kingdom isn’t going to wait around for you to be ready. It’s alive and active now, so all we need to do is say yes to God’s calling.

Mary said yes

Mary was a teenager when she was called. An angel shows up one day and tells her she’s “highly favoured” (Luke 1:28). Mary was “greatly troubled” at this greeting.

Wouldn’t you be too if an angel says you’re going to have a special baby who is going to save the world, but you’re engaged and everyone would hate you and they won’t believe you because you’re a woman! It’s a lot to take in.

However, Mary said yes, “I am the Lord’s servant.” She acknowledged that this was God’s will and that it should be done. Her yes made a way for the whole world to be changed. So take it from Mary; if it’s God’s will, it should be so.

The rich man said no

On the other hand, the rich man wasn’t too keen on Jesus’ calling for him. He’d kept all the commandments, so eternal life was up for grabs in his eyes. Yet he asks Jesus what more he should do to gain this life. And Jesus says “One thing you lack,” he said. “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Mark 10:21

And the man was sad. He walked away unwilling to give up all he had to gain eternal life. Jesus gave him such a clear invitation; go sell your stuff to the poor and follow me. How many of us would say yes to that call? Maybe we’d walk away sad too.

Imagine if the man said yes. Maybe he’d be a great disciple that we’d remember today. Maybe he’d start a church. Maybe he’d provide financial support for Jesus and his disciples. Maybe he’d even write a gospel. All these possibilities were wasted because he didn’t want to give up his wealth.

As believers, we’re called to give up everything and to follow Jesus. The most obvious scriptures for this calling is the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the Greatest Commandment (Mark 12:30-31).

So, we should say yes. Whatever it looks like, it’s ultimately the same call. Maybe you don’t know the specifics of what God wants you to do, maybe you’ve been hoping for a different call. Whatever the case, I encourage you to say yes because it further unfolds God’s will, not only your life but for his greater plans for all people.

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